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Find your Balance 
Yoga with Laura

Yoga Classes, Femininity Sessions, Workshops & Retreats


Find your Balance


To enhance your state of mind and find harmony, you can learn to practice yoga, chant, meditate, and embrace other practices that can connect you to your true selves in various open possibilities.

Using meditation, yoga asanas, pranayama, femininity workshops, and helping set the right intentions, my goal is to help people understand the nature of their own minds and guide them to become self-healers. 

Yoga is for everyone and my classes are designed to be suitable for all levels. No matter if you are a beginner or advanced, you will always gain benefits from the classes, events, and retreats prepared for you.

We'll focus on strengths and flexibility, breathwork, and guided meditation, and you’ll leave the mat feeling relaxed and balanced. 

We can learn to improve our well-being through mindfulness, joy, femininity, and better biomechanics. 

In-Person Yoga

Lessons in Seduction and Femininity - the book

This book is not a manual and certainly not a good manners guide. I am gifting you not with a book, but with a map.


I will be next to you every step of the way. Using your inner compass I will help you navigate the avalanche of emotions that often overwhelm you.

Dear woman, for this trip you only need one one-way ticket. Because once you begin the journey of self-knowledge, you will discover an infinite world.

The destination is You and it all starts with You!

Learning And Growing

If learning is acquiring knowledge, growth is applying knowledge. Growth is about change, changing our habits of thinking, changing how we manage our emotions, and changing how we handle life.

To learn is to grow. 

Find Your Balance

To flow is to be in your feminine energy and find your balance.

I'm here to guide you on your path.

You can become the creator of your own life. You can be in control of yourself and your own choices. Take the first steps of this beautiful journey with an open and clear mind and be brave! Your process of discovery and transformation begins right Here and Now. It is up to you to change your ways and state of mind and live in joy, happiness, fulfillment, and harmony!

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