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I'm Laura

My Story

Hi, I’m Laura, a yoga teacher, published author, and retreat leader.

My focus is on improving your well-being through femininity, mindfulness, joy, Ayurveda and better biomechanics. 

The yoga practices and the courses you can find here are easy to incorporate into your daily routine. They will bring you changes because they are designed to gradually integrate some interesting energetic practices into your life. 

Yoga passion inspired me to become a published author and a femininity coach. Being in tune with my feminine side made my yoga practices more gentle and mellow.

My sessions bring ancient techniques in a way any practitioner can relate to and find a balance between the two aspects, feminine and masculine. 

My book, Lessons in Seduction and Femininity is dedicated to those women who want to be (more) feminine, those who want to learn to relate harmoniously with their partner and the people in their lives, but also to those women who are looking for a soul mate.

My Journey

Yoga life introduced me to nondualism, life after life, karma, conscious breathing, meditation, simplicity, and self-discipline to a point where my life slowly started to change. I began to see, beyond the superficiality of my modern lifestyle, what truly mattered to me. 


My professional background as a communication specialist with experience in marketing - PR and events helped me build a career in the creative and wellbeing industry. Maybe you heard about V for Vintage, Yoga City, or V for Verde.

Yoga City project was founded in 2015 as a yoga platform for happy citizens.  Under this umbrella, we organized yoga events that gathered hundreds of people interested in the yoga lifestyle and well-being. We are a team of two - me and my yogi friend, Mia.

I am a yoga practitioner for 15 years. In 2019 I trained as a Yoga teacher in the Bahamas (RYT 200h), at Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center, a prestigious school certified by Yoga Alliance.

Other yoga courses that developed and enriched my yoga practices were the ones taught at Isha Yoga Center in India, under Sadhguru’s guidance. I'm still learning about yoga and Ayurveda and how to live a yogic life at the ashram in India where I spend a month every year. 

The point of no return, my serendipity moment, took place in the Himalayas, on a yoga trip that changed my life completely. I called that moment my death and, in a way, indeed it was.

After a few hours of praying to see the sunlight again, invoking all the gods, deities, and gurus I knew, counting each breath that I thought was the last one, on a starry night at 4000m (13123ft), my mind went quiet.

No thoughts, no feelings, no emotions, and no sensations. Just the enormous vastity of the sky and an empty mind with no memories and no expectations. It was the last time I was scared of dying because all my fears ended there, that night. 

My life was divided into before and after and the new me still carries the strange feeling of bravery and fearlessness that awakened inside me, starting that morning. 

Focus, concentration, willpower, vulnerability, and discipline came along with my new life.

When I integrated these abilities, feelings of easiness, worthiness, and wholeness empowered me on my new path. Then, I embraced my femininity and acknowledged my feminine energy, soft power, and vulnerability. 


You'll find here a collection of natural wisdom, genuine encounters, and powerful practices that I share with you.

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